From chips to its self-developed operating system, Huawe

wei has long been preparing for independent research and development in core technologies. It has the ab ility to adjust to changes in the global market,” said Xiang Ligang, director-general of the Information Consumption Alliance. Huawei has also made preparations with core chipsets. Existing st ocks are thought to provide the company with a buffer[…]

Gao Feng, director of the ministry’s Economic Crime Inv

estigation Bureau, said that illegal fundraising and related economic crimes remain a serious issue. Cases involving over 10 billion yuan and more than 1 million investors are frequent, Gao said. “The spread of illegal economic crimes such as illegal fundraising is also pretty fast.” To raise public awareness, educational activities were organized this week to[…]

Huawei earlier said it had been preparing a contingency

ncy plan for such a block to Android by developing its own technology, of which some is already being used in products sold in China, said the Reuters report. The impact is limited in the Chinese market, as most of Go ogle’s services have alternatives offered by domestic competitors like Tencent and Baidu. However, Huawei’s[…]

Huawei launched its 5G smartphone in London on Thu

rsday as mobile network operators prepare to switch on 5G network in parts of the United Kingdom, Xinhua reported. Also in Saturday’s call, Wang Yi urged the US to observe the one-China policy and the three joi nt communiques between the two countries, and handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly. The US House of Representatives[…]

Both the digital industry and digitalization of other indu

 industries develop fast, and new sectors have been emerging, such as unmanned warehousing, facial recognition payments and new online-to-offline groceries.” Meng also said that a new version of the nationally unified negative list for market access will be rolled out w ithin the year. Illegal or implicit entry barriers and locally issued negative lists will[…]

The US administration’s more often than not conflicti

conflicting goals have resulted in the trade conflicts with China an d other countries. For instance, China’s exports to the US grew 11.3 percent and its trade surplus with the US increased to $323 billion in 2018, up 17.3 percent year-on-year. Moreover, Washington has forbidden US companies to sell chips to ZTE, a Chinese multinational[…]